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Michelle McCool Speaks Candidly About Controversial “Piggie James” Storyline

Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool has gone on record to discuss the controversial “Piggie James” storyline in late 2009.

In a preview for the second part of her tell-all about her time in WWE, Michelle’s official website has uploaded the following clip (see below).

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Michelle says that the storyline, which saw her and teammate Layla taunt Mickie James for several months over her weight, was not devised by them, but by WWE.

Michelle gives James much credit for being professional and going with the storyline, saying that the fans support of her made the storyline so successful as they wanted to see her get her own back on LayCool. However, Michelle concedes that it was not easy for her or Layla to say and do some of the things that they were scripted to do.

Watch below:

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