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Michelle McCool Talks About Being Pulled Aside by Stephanie McMahon and More

michelle stephMichelle McCool has opened up once again about a former WWE associate, and this time, it’s not about a colleague, Michelle talks one of her bosses, Stephanie McMahon.

The inaugural Divas Champion spoke candidly to her official website about what it’s like to have Stephanie as a boss and McCool had nothing but high praise for the ‘Billion Dollar Princess’.

She said: “She’s awesome in every possible way. From mic work to bumping — I remember her taking the DDT off the top ropes from Randy Orton, oh, my gosh! From her facials to everything… she is just great, and she’s great to work for. She’s a great boss: creative, always wants you to do your best, always there to offer advice — honest advice, which is sometimes rare to find. She shoots from the hip, which I just love. Why beat around the bush? She’s also very hands-on when she’s at the shows. Can’t say enough positive things about Steph.”

The first woman to hold both the Divas and Women’s Championships, who retired in May 2011, elaborated further on the honest approach that Stephanie gave everyone and she recalled a particular funny encounter.

She confessed: “I do remember during one pre-tape, it was with a few of the girls, and I remember her saying: ‘Michelle, come into the bathroom real quick, I need to tell you something.’ I’m thinking: ‘Oh, no. She doesn’t wanna embarrass me about how horrible I am in front of other people — which is nice, but she’s still about to tell me gosh knows what. So we go in there and she’s like: ‘I think you need to shave your armpits.’ I raise them up, and I’m like: ‘No, I shave my armpits every day!’ So when I raise them up, I’ve got black fuzz from my sweatshirt, but she was calling me in there to tell me. Stuff like that, she’s just funny.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

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