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Mick Foley on the Divas Division: “It’s Time For a Change”

Yesterday, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley published a blog dedicated to the Divas division, using the NXT Takeover match between Charlotte and Natalya as a jumping point for a discussion on the division as a whole.

On the match, Foley said, “After a second viewing, I’m convinced that what took place between Natalya and Ms Charlotte was more than just a match. It was a symbol of the potential the Divas division, and all the hard-working ladies who comprise it to be a more [substantial] and meaningful part of WWE moving forward. It’s the match that has me convinced that we could be looking at a new dawn in women’s wrestling.”

Foley goes on the state that the match was the best Divas match he’s seen since Trish Stratus‘s retirement match against Lita at Unforgiven 2006.

As for fans who dismiss women’s wrestling outright, he writes, “I know there are many naysayers who just flat out think they don’t want to watch women wrestle. But there have always been naysayers – non-wrestling fans, who [said] they didn’t want to watch ANY wrestling at all. Sometimes, all it takes is ONE match to change their perspective.”

To illustrate how unpredictable stardom can be, Foley mentions his own rise in the WWE, saying, “There might be some resistance to the idea of allowing the Divas to play a more substantial role on WWE Monday Night Raw. Maybe I should show up once in a while as a reminder that in 1996, the stars for the new generation were SUPPOSED to be Marc Mero and Ahmed Johnson – neither of whom currently reside in the WWE Hall of Fame.”

In closing, he states that the time has come for a change, writing, “As a good friend of mine used to say, ‘enough is enough; it’s time for a change.’ That time is now in the Divas division. Enough of the 3 minute Battle Royals, and the 2 minute “Lumberjill” matches. After seeing a thing of true beauty between Natalya and Charlote, allowing the ladies to go out there and give anything less than their best is not only an insult; it’s not best for business.”

You can view the full post on his official Facebook page.

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