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Mick Foley Talks Chyna’s Legacy, How the WWE Network Keeps it Alive

In his latest Facebook blog, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley writes about the effect of the WWE Network on the legacy of former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion Chyna.

Foley talks about Chyna’s legacy along with that of Eddie Guerrero, saying that the WWE Network gives fans the ability to focus on the important things she did with the WWE, rather than her controversial actions outside of wrestling.

He wrote:

I also had the chance to revisit an old friend who is no longer with us – Eddie Guerrero. Of course, anyone who was around when Eddie wrestled remebers what an amazing in-ring performer eddie was. But with the help of the new network, I was reminded of what an incredible entertainer he was, as well. I’d forgotten how funny his segments could be, and how the slightest expression – the wide-eyed look of wonder when he “accidentally” defeated Chyna for a championship – could create such a sense of fun; a reminder to me why just so many people loved the Attitude Era above and beyond the wilder elements that usually define it.

For someone like Chyna, the WWE Network offers longtime fans a reminder of why she was such a big part of the Attitude era, and for newer fans, allows them to see past the charicature that she can often come accross as to the fans who weren’t on hand to see her blaze a trail for future Divas, by offering up not just an unlikely image of what a heroine and sex-symbol could be, but by allowing us to remember the curious study of contrasts that made her one of the shining lights of the era she helped define.

Unfortunately, Eddie’s not with us anymore. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Chyna back with the company she did so much for anytime soon. But with the WWE Network, their legacies – and the legacies of so many others – are alive and well.

You can read the full blog on Foley’s Facebook page.

Do you think Chyna will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

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