Monday, December 4, 2023

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Mickie & Cena: Just Another Love Story

Hmm, so many of us were thrown off by the sudden pairing of Mickie James and John Cena. Where did this come from? Why?! What sins have we commited to be punished so?! Oh… okay… one too far… Well, we have the scoop (actually Mike Johnson at has the scoop)… Mickie and Cena are doing the dirty in real life.

And of course, Vince McMahon being the pervy voyeur that he is – when he couldn’t get a ringside seat to their personal, bedroom antics – made the call himself to have the duo play luvahs on screen too. All those comments about them being an odd couple on screen, imagine what they’re like in real life?!

I don’t know where on earth their love story is going, storyline wise, but I sure hope their personal life isn’t as dull and badly acted. Being the giving person that I am, here’s a little song dedication to our newest couple:

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