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Mickie James and Tasha Steelz throw punches on IMPACT!; Jordynne Grace gets a new challenger

The fight between the Knockouts World Champion Mickie James and the number one contender Tasha Steelz is officially on. Steelz won her title opportunity at Hard to Kill when she became the victor of the first Knockouts Ultimate X match. It came down to her and Chelsea Green and it was Steelz who would drop to the mat first with the prize.

In defeat, Green was not happy that she didn’t win this match. So she and Steelz went one-on-one on the Jan. 20 episode. Mickie James was on commentary to have a front row seat of her next competitor.

Green and Steelz battled hard back and forth but after hitting an impressive crucifix bomb, Steelz came out with the win. After the match, Steelz to the mic to taunt James. She went after James by taking a hit at the NWA EmPowerrr event that the Knockouts Champion put together with much success. James fired back saying Steelz must still be upset that she wasn’t booked.

James took everything that Steelz had to say with a grain of salt until her son was brought up. The champ would then get up to head into the ring but Savannah Evans tried to stop her before Steelz called her off. The two women would end up coming to blows and after they started to get physical, Evans got involved and then Green. James would get the final hit in with a Mick Kick to Steelz which had her and Evans retreat.

Prior to this week’s IMPACT, on BTI, Jordynne Grace defended her Digital Media Championship against Lady Frost. As one of the newest Knockouts, Frost isn’t wasting any time going right for championship gold. The final moments of the match had Frost hitting a Blockbuster but it wasn’t enough to take down the champion. Grace hits the Grace Driver to retain her title.

After the match, a new opponent appears. Matt Cardona steps up as the next challenger as he made his way to the ring and points at the title.

In a match that was originally planned to be Decay vs. The Influence ended up being a handicap match. Before the bell, Rosemary was taken out which means we ended up seeing Havok vs. The Influence. After a ripcord cutter from Madison Rayne followed by Tenille Dashwood’s Spotlight Kick, Havok was down for a three-count.

The Influence is set to face The IInspiration this weekend for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. The match was originally scheduled for Hard to Kill but due to COVID protocol, The IInspiration weren’t able to make it.

The IInspiration sent the following message to The Influence.

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