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Mickie James assisted in the production of the Royal Rumble match

Six-time women’s champion, Mickie James, was reportedly part of the production of this year’s women’s Royal Rumble match. James has been out of action since a live event in June due to an ACL injury and subsequent surgery. Since then she has been keeping busy at the announcer’s table on Main Event as a commentator.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, James has now had her hand in production. She joined Michael Hayes, Adam Pearce, and Tyson Kidd in putting together the women’s rumble match. Triple H was said to add his input on the day of the event to make sure any and all kinks were worked out.

Credit: WWE

James participated in the prior two women’s Royal Rumble matches and if she wasn’t sidelined this year she most likely would have been in this one as well. Her first appearance in the match in 2018 saw a renewed rivalry as she was face to face with Trish Stratus.

She entered in at number 26 and lasted 8:24 prior to Stratus eliminating her. Her second appearance in 2019’s Royal Rumble match saw her last just over 11 minutes before being eliminated by Tamina.

What are your thoughts on Mickie James dabbling into the production side of the business? There is no word yet on when she may be returning to the ring, but WrestleMania is just two months away.

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