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Mickie James comments on the return of Eva Marie after the recent talent releases

Eva Marie is set to make her return to WWE after a vignette aired on this past Monday’s RAW.

Eva has been away from WWE since 2017 and left the company wanting to explore other avenues of her career. Reports of her return and signing a new deal have been ongoing since September 2020. However, with the recent releases in the company after WrestleMania in April, having her come back at this point did upset many fans.

Mickie James was one of those talents that were released just a few weeks ago. While speaking with Renee Paquette on her podcast Oral Sessions, James commented on her thoughts of Eva returning to the company.

“I think it’s incredible that she’s been able to step away and still remain relevant and rebrand herself and almost excel outside (of WWE). Not everyone does that. I don’t think her wrestling ability was ever her strength. I know she’s been down in NXT working and stuff. I don’t think wrestling was ever her thing. I still believe there’s a role for everybody and not everybody has to be a five-star wrestler and have dream matches. If their character is strong and they can sell tickets and ratings, then it works. Fans are like, ‘You just had these budget cuts and let all these people go and then you debut someone else?’ They always debut new talent after WrestleMania, so it falls in line. She’s beautiful and stunning and I do have mad respect in the sense that she has a million followers and has been able to rebrand herself and has been able to do a whole other thing outside of wrestling once she left. I respect that side of her and if she can capitalize on this heat and go, ‘Yeah, so?’ That’s where everyone will hate her and it’ll be great for her.”  [h/t Fightful]

Below is a quick peek at James’ interview with Paquette in regards to the trash bag incident as well.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for any further news on Eva Marie’s return.

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