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Mickie James: Going For Gold, Finishes With Silver

Women’s Champion Mickie James was so close to having an incredibly hot photoshoot. The aptly titled “Silver and Gold” however failed to achieve top honours, due to the hideous and trashy wardrobe choice of the bra. Instead, we would gladly give Mickie the silver prize because the rest of this photoshoot is on-fricken’-point!

Wow, it’s no secret that Mickie is not exactly the most photogenic Diva, her photoshoots are usually a cross between Chucky the killer doll and a clown; however this shoot is so sleek and stylish. I love her aviator-esque outfit – minus the bra of course – I think it could have been really tasteful had they used a nice top. I realise this is a WWE shoot, but you can show skin and be tasteful at the same time. The bra ruins it. Even her hair (for once) and her earrings look fierce here. So, so close.

What do you think? Check out the full shoot below and cast your vote!


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