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Mickie James Recovering from Bruised Ribs

Former Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, has revealed that she is working through a case of “deeply bruised” ribs.

The decorated champion tweeted Monday about having an X-ray on her ribs, writing: “Walking into the Docs to finally get my ribs X-rayed… Been working through the pain 2 weeks too long! Lucky I’m T… U… Triple F… =O”.

In an update posted today, James revealed that while her ribs aren’t broken, they are bruised. The Hardcore Country star will take a few weeks off from the ring in order to heal up.

She wrote: “Thanks gang for all your thoughts… Nothing’s broken thank God! Just deeply bruised. Been working through it so not allowing them to heal. So I’ve decided this week to take a few weeks off to rest & heal properly so I will be 100%! Also lots to think about! Be blessed… Love~MJ”.

On behalf of the DD team, a big get well soon to Mickie.

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