Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Mickie James Regains Knockouts Championship

Just three weeks after losing the belt at Hardcore Justice, Mickie James defeated Winter on tonight’s Impact Wrestling to become the Knockouts Champion once again.

In a rematch, Winter’s first title defense, Mickie beat the champion with the Long kiss Goodnight kick after controlling much of the match. James seemingly had the match won earlier when she hit her patented tornado DDT on Winter but the champ managed to put her foot on the rope breaking up a three count. However, Winter wasn’t as lucky in escaping Mickie’s kick.

The title switch was taped last Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama.

Her latest title win makes Mickie an eight-time champion, having won the WWE Women’s Championship on five occasions, the Divas Championship on one occasion and now the Knockouts Title on two occasions. That gives her the most title reigns of any Diva/Knockout in recent memory, besting Trish Stratus‘ seven championship reigns. However, Trish still holds a record for multiple title reigns with one championship.

Thoughts: Congrats to Mickie on setting a record with the eight title reigns. However, I thought we were over the pointless title switches and passing the Knockouts Title belt around like a hot potato? Evidently not. Not sure why the belt was put back on Mickie so quickly, but I’m disappointed to see that Winter wasn’t even given the opportunity to have a decent run with the belt. In my opinion, she’s come a long way and developed into a great character in TNA and could be a great heel to build the division around.

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