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Mickie James returns to the ring in a loss against Natalya


In a controversial moment, Mickie James loses her in-ring return match. James returned in a backstage interview last week from her knee injury that had her out for over a year.

She came back saying that she was ready to get some gold around her waist before Natalya and Lana entered the picture. As a result, we receive a match between two in-ring veterans.

During the match, instead of WWE focusing on the women, it focused on Seth Rollins confronting Samoa Joe at the announce table. If that wasn’t aggravating enough for fans of the returning six-time champion, after waiting for so long to see James back in the ring, she loses via count-out.

After the match, James would get “the last laugh” and hit Lana at ringside with a Mick Kick. Both James and Natalya would comment on the result from their match on Twitter. James also takes to a WWE Exclusive to share her frustrations.

What did you think about this return? Were you among the many who wanted better for Mickie? Do you think she will be put into a title picture soon? If so, which title? Leave your thoughts below!!