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Mickie James to Challenge WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez

Women Superstars Uncensored has announced that they have booked Mickie James to challenge the WSU Champion, Mercedes Martinez on August 7th. Read the press release below:

The leader in womens wrestling today, Womens Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is proud to announce the signing of a WSU World Title match between WSU World Champion & former WWE Womens & Diva Champion Mickie James, as Mickie will challenge for the WSU World Championship on 8/7 at an ICW show in Queens, NY.

For fans interested, Mickie James will be meeting/greeting fans at the event, on behalf of ICW.

This is a major match for the state of womens professional wrestling. WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez, is currently the longest reigning & defending champion in all of womens wrestling today. She is arguably the greatest womens wrestler in the world today and holds the biggest prize in womens wrestling. The WSU World Championship is defended against top notch competition and defended regularly. With already 27 title defenses under her belt in her 18 month reign, Martinez has been a sheer unstoppable force, claiming victims such as Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Angel Orsini, Nikki Roxx, Rain, Alicia, Portia Perez, Amber O’Neal & many more.

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Mickie James is currently the hottest free agent in all of womens wrestling today. The former WWE Womens & Diva Champion will look to win the biggest prize in womens wrestling today when she steps in the ring with Mercedes Martinez on 8/7. The WSU World Title has been defended in amazing and many women match of the year candidates. This is not bikini bullshit. This is not “diva” wrestling. On 8/7, Martinez & Mickie James will show the world what the WSU World title means when they square off.

Mickie James has a rich history in womens wrestling, as this is where Mickie laid her roots when she was formerly known as Alexis Laree. Alexis Laree was the top female wrestler for a period of time on the independent scene. Laree took that success and transformed into Mickie James, where she became one of the top wrestlers in the world today.

However, the one thing WWE lacks that WSU does not, is credible women wrestlers. WSU is all about impressive female wrestlers & characters. Models are not turned wrestlers here. Women wrestlers from all over the world, young, in their prime and looking to reclaim their former glory all come to WSU to make a name. WSU is not about silly hee-haw and dressing up women in stupid gimmicks you could’ve seen in the 1980s. WSU is about the pure sport of womens wrestling and about hard hitting matches.

On 8/7 at ICW, you will see the very best in the world today, Mercedes Martinez, put up the WSU World Championship against perhaps the biggest and most well known name in womens wrestling, when Martinez clashes with Mickie James.

Mickie’s body of work as a female wrestler is impressive and impeccable. She has beaten them all on TV, but she hasn’t beaten the hardest working womens wrestler today, the WSU Champion.

Will Mickie become the new face of WSU and lead WSU into a new direction? Can Mickie show the womens wrestling world that she is the best today? Or will the WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez, shut down another challenger?

To make this match even more intriguing, this match will be wrestled under UNCENSORED rules, meaning there will be no DQ’s and no Countouts. THERE MUST BE A WINNER.

AUGUST 7th, 2010 in Queens, NY for ICW, JAMES vs MARTINEZ. You will not want to miss this battle for womens wrestling supremacy.

Tickets are going fast, so make sure to reserve your tickets today by going to

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