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Mickie James will determine Deonna Purrazzo’s opponent at Knockouts Knockdown – Pick Your Poison

The tension between Mickie James and Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo is at an all-time high, to say the least. Last week, Purrazzo took it upon herself to pay a special visit to James on her farm which led to a barnyard throwdown. The two are set to face each other at Bound for Glory on Oct. 23.

Carried over to this week’s IMPACT, Purrazzo was in the process of being reprimanded for her actions by Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim before James walked in and launched herself at the champion. D’Amore had to put some ground rules in place and issued a no-contact clause between the two of them until Bound for Glory. If James breaks this, then she will forfeit her championship opportunity. If Purrazzo does then she will be stripped of her title.

In addition to what D’Amore has constructed, Kim gave both Jame and Purrazzo a Pick Your Poison match. Both Knockouts will select an opponent for the other to face prior to Bound for Glory. Mickie will be picking first and she will choose who Deonna will be facing at Knockouts Knockdown with the title on the line this Saturday, Oct. 9.

Speaking of Knockouts Knockdown, Purrazzo’s opponent may not be known at this time, but we have four competitors for the Monsters Ball Match in memory of Daffney. These four will be Alisha, Jordynne Grace, Kimber Lee, and Savannah Evans. This decision came from Kim who made the choice to add Alisha and Kimber to the match after what happened in the tag team match earlier in the night on this week’s IMPACT!

Mercedes Martinez made her debut in the IMPACT Zone this week as she teamed up with Savannah Evans and Tasha Steelz to take on Lady Frost, Brandi Lauren, and Kimber Lee.

Evans and Steelz refused to tag in Martinez to even participate in the match which leads her to come into the ring without the tag. She takes out Kimber with a double underhook suplex but even when Martinez goes for the pin she’s not the legal competitor so the referee wouldn’t make the count. Instead, Steelz then rolled up Kimber to steal the victory from Martinez while at the same time making their team the victor.

Steelz may possibly encounter Martinez in the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament this weekend.

After the match, Alisha rushes to the ring with Kendra the Kendo Stick and attacks Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren. She is upset due to them stealing the soul of one of the Swingerellas. As Alisha is taken back to the backstage area by security, this is where Gail announces the participants for the Monsters Ball match.

There was an ‘All About Me’ segment on this week’s IMPACT! As a final build for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match between Decay and The Influence this weekend.

The updated card for Knockouts Knockdown on Saturday, Oct. 9 is:

Eight-woman Tournament Match – Winner gets future Knockouts Title Match

Mercedes Martinez, Lady Frost, Renee Michelle, Chelsea Green, Tasha Steelz, Jamie Senegal, Rachael Ellering, and Brandi Lauren.

Knockouts Championship Match – Pick Your Poison (Mickie James chooses Deonna’s opponent)

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. TBD

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

Decay (c) vs. The Influence

Monsters Ball Match in Remembrance of Daffney

Alisha vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Kimber Lee vs. Savannah Evans

Commentary team – Mickie James and Veda Scott

Ring announcer – Melissa Santos

Check back in with Diva Dirt this weekend for coverage of Knockouts Knockdown.

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