Monday, September 25, 2023

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Mickie Moose Blogs on Injury

Mickie “Moose” Knuckles (or Mickie Moose as I so affectionately like to call her) has written a blog giving fans an update on her horrific leg injury last weekend. Read below and we’d just like to send our best wishes out to the Knockout once again:

I have recieved so many emails and myspace messages that I wanted to get on here and tell you all how I am currently doing.

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you that have sent me letters and emails of prayers and “Get Well” wishes. The hospital room was decorated in lovely flowers that kept my spirits high during this ordeal. In regards to the accident, please respect my wishes of not posting video footage of the injury on the internet. I do not wish for it to be shown. This is my personal request and I hope you respect it. Nothing good can come from the footage being posted and I would like to move past this and be able to focus on my recovery.

For those of you worrying about my TNA deal, please rest assured that I will be on TNA again once I am healed.

Now onto the injury update….

I am home already for one. I had surgery the morning after the accident and the doctors said that it was a clean break. They placed a rod in my right femer and told me that since my leg muscles were in such good shape, and since I was so strong, that they expect the recovery time to be faster than a normal person’s. I have no plans on coming back to wrestling before I recieve a 100% clearance from the doctors. Ian and I have talked about this and even though I would love nothing more than to be in the ring again, Ian thinks that it would be best to take as much time off as needed to heal fully. So trust me, Ian and Patti would not let me come back to wrestling before I am fully healed. I am already moving around on crutches and the doctors have given me instructions so that I can come back to wrestling. They said that after I am healed, I will be 100% healthy. I still plan on attending shows to show my support for the IWA family.

Thank you again for your support and love and remember that I am being babied like crazy between Ian, Patti, John Calvin and the IWA family! So no worries!!!!

Thank you,
Mickie Knuckles

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