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Mickie’s Denial: Skeletons Come Out to Play

Mickie James‘ past came to bite her in the butt today and it was gooooood. The former four time Women’s Champ’s skeletons poured out of her closet and came back to haunt her on live radio this morning; someone send homegirl a supply of padlocks and chain because these are the kind of skeletons she’d rather keep under lock and key. The hosts of InsideSTL, a radio show out of St. Louis, had Mickie as their guest this morning and caught her off guard by bringing up her porn past. And Mickie’s response was legendary! Despite the pictures on the Internet for the whole world to see, I guess Mickie thought if she acted like they don’t exist, people will forget? Nuh-uh!

Listen below:

[audio:Mickie on InsideSTL.mp3]

Oh Lord, where to start?! If there was a gold medal for question-dodging at the Beijing Olympics, Mickie would win Gold. What I love the most is that Mickie, herself, seems to be in denial. “It’s kind of hard to say…” What the f*ck?! You either did it or you didn’t! Unless Mickie suffers from memory loss, I’m pretty sure she’d remember turning up to a set for a pornographic photoshoot and sticking her fingers in her hoo-haa. Memo to Vince: Mickie needs a refresher course in public relations. I would have way more respect for Mickie if she just held her hands up and said, “Look, I did it but it’s in my past and I’ve gone onto have a great career with WWE and I’d prefer to talk about that.” Dodging the question and dancing around the situation makes her look like a complete retard and rightfully so, it’s all her own doing. I guess Mickie caught a case of the Solange virus

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