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Mid-Year Report Card: Diva Dirt’s 10 Wishes & Predictions for 2011 Revisited

Back on New Year’s Day, as is annual tradition here at Diva Dirt, I made 10 wishes and 10 predictions for the year ahead. Now, as we are half way through 2011, I thought I’d take a look back at the wishes/predictions that were made and see where we’re at.

Let’s see how we’re doing so far…

2011 Wishes
* The Divas Tag Team Tables Match was cool and all, but how about we use that as a stepping stone to really amp it up with the women’s division? More unique matches, more emphasis on storylines and most importantly, more time for the Divas.
Well, this didn’t really happen. Sure, we got some flashes of more emphasis on storyline with Kharma, but with her abrupt departure we won’t see that play out. We are, however, seeing more time for the Divas at the moment — on Superstars. That’s half a victory, I guess?

* Please, please, please WWE, use Awesome Kong as the star attraction we know her to be. Don’t turn her into a punchline for Santino and/or Hornswoggle.
For the time she was in WWE, Kong — now Kharma — was used pretty well.

* TNA, how about some diversity? We no longer have any African-American Knockouts, or Asian Knockouts. This makes kittens weep.
Jacqueline briefly returned, but I think we need a permanent Knockout to fill this quota. It’s a shame that TNA still has no regular African-American or Asian Knockouts.

* I believe I speak for everyone when I say Gail Kim deserves a push! Let her talk some more, let her wrestle some more & give her a title feud.
Gail has had some good matches on Superstars in the last few weeks, but sadly still no title feud. She was briefly aligned with Daniel Bryan but that quietly disappeared.

* No more stupid title switches, TNA. No more laying down, no more lockboxes, no more reversing decisions. The amount of ridiculously short and meaningless title reigns in 2010 was through the roof. Get your act together with the Knockouts Championship.
To TNA’s credit, they have solved this problem with long reigns for Madison and Mickie.

* Sarita for Knockouts Champion. Just sayin’…
Still waiting on this one. Hope it happens before the year is out. The Knockouts Tag Team Championship is a step in the right direction, though.

* Natalya vs Beth Phoenix would certainly appease a lot of fans. It’s a WrestleMania dream match for many, but Divas and ‘Mania is a lost cause… any pay per view will do.
This hasn’t happened yet and I’m not expecting it to happen any time in the next six months.

* Make Winter a top Knockout! I’m talking title feuds, pay per view matches with Mickie, Angelina, Tara etc. Make her the star that WWE never did.
TNA has delivered on this one with Winter set to headline the August pay per view with Mickie.

* Main roster spots for AJ and Naomi, pretty please.
AJ has been called up. Still waiting on Naomi. Hopefully in the next six months.

* Oh and finally, ROH, we hope you develop a regular women’s division on TV and pay per view and give opportunities to the women not in WWE and TNA.
ROH lost its television deal so this hasn’t happened. Hopefully when they launch their new show with Sinclair Broadcasting, we may see more emphasis on a women’s division — but I’m not expecting it this year. 2012, perhaps?

2011 Predictions
* Title reigns that are inevitable: heel Melina as Divas Champ and Mickie as Knockouts Champ.
No reign for Melina, but check on Mickie.

* Lay-Cool will be headed to Splitsville. Say goodbye to the flawless BFFs.
Lay-Cool were dunzo at Extreme Rules. Check!

* Serena will join TNA.
She did receive a tryout but no contract yet.

* At least one big departure per company. (Melina? Layla? Tara? Mickie James?)
Michelle McCool was the big departure and a shocking one at that.

* WWE will sign at least one other recognisable independent name to go along with Awesome Kong.
Tenille and Britani Knight.

* TNA will axe the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.
Hasn’t happened yet, but they may as well. I’d prefer a secondary singles title akin to WSU’s Spirit Championship.

* Natalya will continue to be one of the top babyface Divas in WWE for much of 2011.
Sadly, Natalya had the rug pulled from under her in January at the Royal Rumble when she abruptly lost the Divas Championship to Eve. She’s been put on the backburner ever since despite having a good run as the champion.

* Eve will also be pushed once again in the top babyface spot, but will she be able to hold onto that spot this time?
Eve did receive another big push — although a random one — in January when she surprisingly won the Divas Title. Again, however, WWE didn’t really do much with her as champion. Third time’s a charm in 2012?

* Babyface turns for Layla, Maryse and Tara.
Check, nope, check.

* Heel turns for Angelina Love, Beth Phoenix and Winter.
Check, nope, check. I would like to see Beth turn heel and perhaps feud with K2 for the Divas Title.

So, that’s our predictions/wishes revisited. Not too bad.

What wishes and predictions did you make and how have you done?

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