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Miesha Tate agrees Ronda Rousey worked herself into a shoot

Diva Dirt released an exclusive report last week that Ronda Rousey had worked herself into a shoot during the Twitter feud with Becky Lynch. Lynch had gone too far when she used Rousey’s husband as the butt of a joke and hit a cord with Rousey.

Rousey is new to the business and obviously let her emotions get the best of her. This past Monday on Raw, she attacked Lynch and we wouldn’t be surprised if Rousey threw in a few shoot punches on The Man.

Former UFC Banterweight Champion Miesha Tate is no stranger to Rousey. They have been rivals for years. Yesterday, the retired fighter was interviewed on MMA Tonight and gave her two cents on the Rousey situation.

“It got under her skin. I know about this. You don’t talk about her family, you don’t talk about this, even if it’s just a joke. She does not have a sense of humor and therefore, sh*t got real … No, Ronda’s pissed and Ronda’s not joking. She’s not playing games. She’s not used to having to play by rules. She never had to before. Why is she gonna now? She’s already broken the rule with the F-word, saying some things are ‘fake.’ She’s not a company woman. She never has been.”

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