Monday, May 20, 2024

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Minor League Divas Fight for Their Bragging Rights

If the Divas on tonight’s PPV card are the ‘major league’, the Divas who competed in something of a prelude at a WWE supershow last night could be considered the ‘minor league’. It was Raw vs ECW last night, when the Bella Twins took on ECW’s Katie Lea & Rosa Mendes in State College, Pennsylvania.

Results below:

The Bella Twins beat Rosa Mendes and Katie Lea Burchill in 6:20. Katie Lea starts the match with Bree. Please know that Rosa is very attractive in person. Bellas did a double dropkick and a double baseball slide. Ricky & Robert they are not. The Bellas did the old switcheroo behind the ref’s back and won with a small package in 6:20.

So Raw ousted ECW last night. Can they reign supreme over SmackDown too? Find out tonight at Bragging Rights. Don’t forget to join us for our Bragging Rights live blog, it all kicks off at 7.45pm ET/11.45pm UK. Remember UK viewers, the PPV starts at 12am and not 1am due to last night’s time changes.

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