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Monday Night Brawl: Two brawls take place on RAW heading into Hell in a Cell

On tonight’s RAW, it was the last stop before heading into this weekend’s Hell in a Cell event for the red brand. It left RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley irate after having an all-out brawl with Charlotte Flair. The two will collide this Sunday with the title on the line but they couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another.

Flair took on Nikki Cross who has been on a winning streak as she has defeated both women in the upcoming title match. This bout kicked off the show and Cross continued her winning ways as she defeated Flair by count-out. Flair was way too preoccupied with Ripley who was at ringside instead of paying attention to the referee’s count.

After their match, Flair lost it and attacked Cross, and attempted to put her in the Figure Eight. Ripley stopped the submission attempt and delivered Riptide to Flair. The champion ended the segment as she raised her title over her head above a fallen Queen.

Later in the night, Ripley took on Asuka. After a fight we have seen time after time since WrestleMania, Ripley came out with a win after delivering a Riptide to Asuka after a solid match. This is when Flair entered the ring and the brawl ensued.

The two women had to be separated by many WWE officials with Flair cursing and clawing to get back at the champion. Ripley continued to egg her on. Flair stood on the ramp with blood on her face as the segment ended. This would have been the perfect time to announce this upcoming battle to be put inside the Hell in a Cell but that was not the case.

Now onto the second brawl that took place on this week’s RAW.

In a backstage segment, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were having a photo shoot (looking stunning). During this, they heard the Women’s Tag Team Champions training in a backstage ring which distracted them. They approached the champions asking them to keep it down.

Natalya stated that it is clear that Rose and Brooke care more about how they look in pictures than how they perform in the ring. Tamina added that if they cared more about their in-ring skills then they may be champions by now. Brooke says they take things very seriously and reminds them that they won their match two weeks ago.

Natalya adds that it clearly wasn’t their brains that opened doors for them in WWE. Rose claps back by saying if it wasn’t for the last names of Natalya and Tamina then the doors would have closed on them years ago. The champs then invited the challengers into the ring which led to a brawl that had to be separated by officials.

At the time of this writing, a match between the two teams has not been added to Hell in a Cell.

What did you think of the final RAW before Hell in a Cell? Leave your thoughts below and check back in with Diva Dirt as we will be having a Discussion Post this Sunday for the event.

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