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Money in the Bank Results: Team Layla Beats Team Beth, AJ Referees

In an impromptu Divas match at Money in the Bank, the babyface team of Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka scored a tag team victory over Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

After a back and forth match that saw some good action (Eve and Kaitlyn worked well together), things eventually broke down in typical fashion as all the Divas rushed the ring. In the end, Tamina hit a superkick on Beth Phoenix followed by a Lay-Out from the Divas Champion, Layla, for the win.

With a third consecutive pay per view win over Beth, who could be next in line for Layla’s Divas Title?

• • •

Elsewhere at Money in the Bank, AJ served as the special guest referee in the WWE Title match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

The pint-sized Diva seemed to enjoy having both stars at her mercy, blocking them from using certain weapons in the No DQ match, but also introduced a steel chair to the match for both wrestlers to fight over.

Despite being knocked off the apron and briefly sent to the back, AJ returned for the match’s conclusion where she cleanly counted to three for Punk after he back-suplexed Bryan through a table.

Following the match, AJ continued to look conflicted between Punk and Bryan, but seemed most sympathetic towards the fallen Bryan.

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