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More Detailed SmackDown Spoilers for Friday

More detailed spoilers for this week’s SmackDown which airs on Friday on Syfy.

* Natalya and AJ come out for their match. It is a pretty decent match. There was a sloppy part where Nattie tries the sharpshooter, and I wasn’t sure what AJ was trying to do to get out of it, but it looked sloppy to me. Anyway, eventually AJ succumbs to the Sharpshooter. Winner: Natalya. POST MATCH: Natalya goes bonkers, and attacks AJ after the match, including giving AJ a snap suplex on the outside. Natalya grabs a mic and says “Beth, you are so right sister, the days of these cuties are over.” (paraphrased). Natalya evidently has turned heel. (Source)

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