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More Reports On The WWE Status Of Sasha Banks

Heading into tonight’s SmackDown, a new report emerged about Sasha Banks‘ status with WWE.

On June 15, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. reported that Banks was released from WWE. It wasn’t clear if she requested her release or if this was on the side of WWE. Immediately following Giri’s report, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful stated that he had spoken to Giri before reaching out to WWE. His sources did not confirm one way or the other if Banks had been released and WWE themselves did not respond.

The latest report is now from WrestleVotes. They write –

“The word backstage from SmackDown tonight is that the report from Raj Giri is indeed accurate according to multiple sources. Sasha Banks has been released from her WWE contract.”

Since WrestleVotes made this post prior to SmackDown airing, Sapp has provided the latest he has been able to find out.

“Latest on Sasha Banks: A lot of very well connected people are saying that she’s been released. At least one talent and one big backstage name believe it. WWE hasn’t confirmed this to me personally and hasn’t informed people that are usually made aware of this as of yet

In short: I can’t confirm that she is, but some pretty important people are of the belief she is. Sorry I can’t provide more clarity yet, but I’m asking every day, multiple times a day”

“Numerous talent at WWE SmackDown believe Sasha Banks has been released, and both sides are just holding off on a statement. WWE has not confirmed the report as of yet, originally reported by Raj Giri. I’ll keep working for more details or a more solid confirmation!”

There has been no official comment from WWE nor Sasha Banks on her status with the company.

Diva Dirt will provide any further details as they come.

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