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MsChif Interview Follow-Up

As you know, Diva Dirt got to speak to SHIMMER champion MsChif in an exclusive interview. When asked about her interest in WWE/TNA and her possibly going to either promotion, her answer raised a few eyebrows among the readers. MsChif read some of your comments and in an attempt to clarify her answers, issued a statement exclusively to Diva Dirt:

You know, I wonder if some can misinterpret the fact that I am not interested in WWE or TNA as not having a great interest in wrestling as a whole?  I just noticed that was one person’s comment.  I probably should have expanded that answer for sure.  The fact is, I love wrestling very much.  I also very much love my freedom in wrestling.  I like making my own decisions, I love having control of my own character.  I don’t want to have to be told what I can and can’t do.  The day I get too frustrated with wrestling, or lose the desire to be working shows is the day I would need to step aside.  I don’t ever see that happening, but if I were to sign with WWE or TNA I’m afraid that day would come and that would be very sad to me indeed.

For those who had doubts about MsChif’s passion for the sport, here’s proof otherwise. I guess we can never say MsChif doesn’t listen to the fans. For those in the Chicago area, check out ‘Your Soul’s Tormentor’ live at the next SHIMMER tapings this fall.

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