Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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MYC II: Week 1 Review

Lacey Lane vs. Vanessa Kraven

The match starts off with evasive dodges from Lane, who goes on to land some side kicks on Kraven. Kraven power shoves Lane to a corner but Lane’s quickness allows for an escape. Unable to roll Kraven into a pin cover, Lane opts for some quick head kicks and forearm shots at the corner.

Lane grabs Kraven’s arm and runs across the ring for a lucha libre arm drag that (sorta?) takes Kraven to the outside. As Kraven tries to get back in the ring, Lane handsprings a kick that keeps Kraven on the outside. Lane heads to the ring apron to land a kick to the head and attempts a cross body but Kraven catches her and slams her on the ring apron instead!

Kraven scoops Lane up and suspends her upside down using the ring ropes to land chops to the chest and kick to the head. The women make it back to the ring where Kraven connects a rolling cannonball from the corner for a two count. After landing more chops to the chest, Kraven lifts Lane onto her right shoulder for a backbreaker but Lane manages to escape with a springboard off the top rope.

Lane stuns Kraven with a jawbreaker and lowers her by kicking Kraven’s knee. Lane follows up with a kick to the chest and unloads forearms at a corner. Lane tries to whip Kraven but Kraven is too powerful and is able to counter with a spinning side slam for a near fall. Lane heads to the corner to regroup and is able to avoid a second incoming rolling cannonball. Lane follows with forearm shots before putting Kraven away with a Crucifix Driver to advance in Mae Young Classic.

Post-match, Lane wrestling in WWE means the world to her. You never know what to expect with so many talents on the roster. Her match with Kraven was a tough challenge but it also served as a way to show what she can offer as a performer to the ongoing women’s revolution.

Thoughts: This was my first time seeing Lacey Lane and I’m really impressed with how agile she is! Maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure what happened during that Lucha Libre arm drag spot early in the match, it looked like there was miscommunication, but otherwise, this was a classic David vs. Goliath story style match.

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