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MYC II: Week 1 Review

Meiko Satomura vs. Killer Kelly

From the get-go, Satomura and Kelly trade kicks to the legs. The women recenter in the middle of the ring but Satomura takes Kelly down with a leg sweep. Kelly slips behind Satomura for a waist lock takedown and into the cover for a count of one. Satomura locks in a side headlock and continues to apply the hold after a takedown. Kelly looks to create separation via head scissors but Satomura reverses with a bridge and roll through.

Back on their feet, Kelly attempts a submission but Satomura counters out with a stiff kick to the chest. Kelly avoids a charging attack and runs the ropes for a big boot that takes Satomura down a two count. Kelly whips Satomura to a corner but the latter reverses by leaping to the second turnbuckle and into a springboard arm drag. Satomura locks in a half Boston crab but quickly switches into an STS! Kelly breaks the hold via rope break.

Satomura catches a kick from Kelly and takes her down with a wrist lock. She unloads rapid kicks and then the double knees drop to chest.

Satomura goes for another kick but it gets caught, which allows Kelly to reverse into a vertical suplex for a two count.

Kelly misses a running big boot, which allows for Satomura to land a kick of her own as well as an uppercut. Kelly goes down as Satomura runs the ropes for a cartwheel knee drop to the back. As Satomura begins to climb the top turnbuckle, Kelly runs in and cuts her off with a forearm. Kelly attempts a Superplex from the top rope but when Satomura tries to fight out of it with back elbow shots, Kelly locks in a hanging Dragon Sleeper hold! Kelly breaks the hold before the referee calls for a DQ.

Kelly knocks Satomura off the turnbuckle and follows up with a running dropkick from across the ring. She gets Satomura to her feet and connects a Fishermen Suplex for a 2 and ¾ pin count. Kelly is in disbelief and tries a German Suplex from behind but Satomura counters with a Pele kick. Satomura follows up with a Death Valley Driver that puts Kelly away.

Even in defeat, Kelly takes a moment to thank Satomura and the two embrace one another.

Post-match, with the help Funaki serving as a translator, Satomura says she’s faced tough opponents through the globe but her mindset has always been to come out as the winner. Emotions and hard hits were displayed all throughout the match.

Thoughts: This was only fitting to be the main event and my favorite match of the night!

Satomora was an absolute beast with those rapid stiff kicks and that cartwheel knee drop was just beautiful. This is the kind of badass babyface I enjoying seeing the most in wrestling and I’m so happy to see Satomura finally being able to perform on this platform level.

Even with Satomura’s legendary status, it was nice to see Kelly being able to put a fight so that this match wouldn’t be a complete squash. I swear that was a three count after the Fishermen Suplex! With NXT UK brand, I’m excited to see more of what Kelly will bring to the NXT UK Women’s division.

What did you think of week one of the Mae Young Classic II? What was your favorite match? Which matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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