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Naomi needs to return at the Royal Rumble and win

The ever-exciting Royal Rumble event is rapidly approaching and it is only two weeks away. For the past two years, the women have finally been able to participate in a Royal Rumble Match of their very own. Asuka won the first, Becky Lynch won the second, and Naomi needs to win the third.

Naomi has been missing from our television screens and our hearts for six months as her last appearance was a win on Main Event in July against Sarah Logan. There were mentions that she was out of action due to a personal reason. This reason was that she lost a loved one and needed that time away. She would open up on Twitter in September to her fans by letting them know that she would return when the time was right.

Could the right time be now?

The Royal Rumble match is well known for exciting returns. At this point, there are many women who could be returning. These options include – Ruby Riott, Ronda Rousey, Mickie James, and Nia Jax. The last two may be less likely due to the length of time it takes for their recovery. Naomi is probably the best bet.

Her husband, Jimmy Uso, returned recently after months off along with his brother, Jey Uso. The Usos returned to the blue brand which leads many to believe that Naomi will see herself on SmackDown just around the corner.

Credit: WWE

In the two prior women’s Royal Rumble matches, Naomi has already proven to be a star in this type of environment. Taking a page out of Kofi Kingston’s playbook, she has become the one to watch who does any and everything to avoid both feet touching the floor. Just as Kingston’s efforts to avoid elimination, her attempts normally see her shortly ejected from the match after entertaining the crowd. Perhaps this year she could both entertain the crowd and win her shot at WrestleMania.

Prior to her absence, Naomi was far from highlighted on RAW. She was moved to the red brand during the Superstar Shake-Up after WrestleMania and like most female talent during that time she was barely seen. Her last major storyline was on SmackDown early in 2019 when she was feuding with Mandy Rose which didn’t do much for her character.

Naomi hasn’t held a title since she won the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33 in 2017. She was briefly in a tag team with Carmella and later Asuka this past year. Her athleticism needs to be showcased and what better place to do that then at WrestleMania after a Royal Rumble win.

Credit: WWE

She deserves a push straight to the top and now is the perfect time to capitalize on it from her return. It would also be a refreshing change of pace to have someone other than Horsewoman as champ (although Sasha Banks as champion would be the second choice).

What do you think about Naomi as a return in the Royal Rumble Match? Would you like to see her win the match and go on to WrestleMania? If not, who else would you like to see return? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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