Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Natalya Keeps it Simple

Natalya is on her way to The Great American Bash to potentially become SmackDown’s first Divas Champion, and she’s clearly stepping up her game in every facet – even photoshoots! Take a look at this one for example – “Best in Black”. She keeps it simple, donning a gorgeous LBD and wearing her hair straight (if a little disheveled). She seems to have gotten the hang of posing too, mixing it up without overdoing it.

The look isn’t very “Natalya-esque”, I’d say. She just doesn’t usually dress so feminine. I’m liking it, though. She’s showing that you can dress feminine in the WWE without showing all your bits and pieces, although she must have one hell of a pushup bra on, because those puppies don’t sit like that naturally. I’ll look past the boobage, though, because I really dig this shoot. Her waist is looking rather bare though, isn’t it? Perhaps she’ll have that godawful-looking belt to occupy that space soon..


Latest Posts

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