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NCW Femmes Fatales 3 Taping Results: LuFisto, Daffney Return to the Ring

NCW Femmes Fatales returned to action last night in Montreal to film the third volume in its DVD series. The taping saw the in-ring returns of SHIMMER’s LuFisto and TNA Knockout, Daffney for the first time since their respective hiatuses.

LuFisto, who is also the founder of Femmes Fatales, competed in her first match since suffering a stroke in April, against Sara Del Rey. Meanwhile, this was Daffney’s first match back since that now infamous dark match with new Knockout, Rosie Lottalove at an Impact taping in April. Daffney suffered a bruised sternum and was only recently cleared to wrestle as announced by TNA President, Dixie Carter.

Full results from last night’s show below courtesy of reader John Hyperion:

* Angie Skye def. Missy. Short match, but both of these women came across as very solid in the ring, especially for pre-show. Angie Skye has about the best gear ever to boot.

* Kira & Moonlight def. Segolene & Eve. Moonlight looks like Tomoka Nakagawa’s Canadian twin, and wrestles a bit like it too.

Main Show
1. Portia Perez (w/ Nicole Matthews) def. PJ Tyler with a handful of tights. Portia Perez started off the show by legit making a little boy in the front row cry. Outstanding.

2. Xandra Bale & Kacey Brooks def. Anastasia Ivy & Evilyn Fox with double Tornado DDTs. Xandra Bale can really, really go. I’d expect any fans of Shantelle Taylor/Taylor Wilde would get a kick out of her demeanor and athleticism.

3. Anna Minnoushika (w/ Madmoiselle Rachelle) def. Sabrina Kyle via SMASHING. Anna has an awesome faux white tiger skin ring jacket, which somehow managed to add to how intimidating she is.

4. Kalamity def. Sweet Cherrie with her F5-esque finisher. Awesome, awesome match. Sweet Cherrie (AKA Lil’ Lexie Fyfe) is very, very good and Kalamity was just awesome. Besides looking she belongs in a King of Fighters game, she continues to mix in innovation with brute force. Screw Brock, she’s the Next Big Thing.

5. Cheerleader Melissa def. Nicole Matthews (w/ Portia “I Do Horrible Things For Fun and Profit” Perez) with a Curb Stomp. Another awesome match from these two that saw Melissa come up with yet another sick guardrail spot. Nicole kept her shirt on for much of the match as the fans cat-called whenever she tried to take it off. Portia spent her time eating a huge bag of cookies and almost being murdered by Melissa.

6. Daffney def. Mary Lee Rose with the Daff-Knees. Evil Daff was out for this and more or less set the pace of this one.

7. Cat Power def. Misstress Belmont via The Ropes. Funny stuff here involving a cowardly Cat Power, a masochistic ref, and a whip happy Belmont.

8. LuFisto (w/ Pegaboo) def. Sara Del Rey via Rear Naked Cobra Clutch. Huge response for LuFisto as she made her return to the ring while in incredible shape (she’s going to have to start drawing a 6 pack on Pegaboo). These women went all over and all out in just a massive, unconstrained Hokuto vs Kandori type strong style brawl. Easily one of the best matches I’ve seen live. Words can’t do it justice, you will have to buy this DVD for this match.

This show was very, very good top to bottom. I cannot compliment the ladies enough or the staff of NCW who went above and beyond to help me and my friends get the most out of our trek to Montreal. I highly recommend any fans in, or out, of the area to try and make the next show in October (which will feature Anna vs Amazing Friggin’ Kong), you will not be disappointed. This is wrestling how it should be from people who genuinely care about the industry and the fans.

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