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Nevaeh attacks Havok on IMPACT signaling the end of their partnership

The team commonly known as The Killer Death Machines on the indies are no longer one unit on IMPACT. Nevaeh attacked Havok after they suffered another loss as a team. This time it was a non-title match against the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Fire ‘N Flava. Winning this match would have certainly helped Nevaeh and Havok get back into title contention.

Unfortunately, their losing ways as a team would continue after Kiera Hogan pinned Havok for the win. After the match, Nevaeh would jump Havok from behind and after delivering a spear would utter that she was has been made to believe that she was the weakest link. She then made sure that Havok knew that it was her and not Nevaeh that was the weakest link this whole time. The team had been showing some fractions as of late and it was Nevaeh who finally took some action.

As a team, the duo had lost on multiple occasions against Fire ‘N Flava and took a loss against Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K at Sacrifice earlier this month. Nevaeh’s first appearance with IMPACT was in April of last year at the Rebellion pay-per-view. She quickly scouted and joined her indie tag partner Havok and the two have been together ever since.

What do you make of this tag team breaking up? Leave your thoughts below.

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