Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Nevaeh has wrapped up her time with IMPACT

Nevaeh has posted on social media alluding that she is finished with her current time at IMPACT. She posted in a caption “Thank you @impactwrestling, this last year was incredible for me.” In the post itself, it states “every stepback is a setup for your comeback.” She has updated her Twitter bio to say “Former Knockout.”

Nevaeh recently turned on her former tag team partner Havok and they had a one-on-one match tonight on BTI. She made the decision to turn on Havok because she was tired of being made to feel like the weaker link. After losing on BTI she tweeted out that she was the weakest link after all.

It was this time last year at Rebellion where Nevaeh made her first appearance scouting out Havok as she was in a Full Metal Mayhem match against Rosemary. The duo of Nevaeh & Havok has been known as the Killer Death Machines for years in the indies. They made their way to the finals of the Knockout Tag Team Title tournament which resurrected the tag team titles back in January. The match was won by current champions Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz.

Hopefully, Nevaeh will continue to be on our television screens in some form in the near future.

What do you make of Nevaeh’s time with IMPACT? Leave your thoughts below.

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