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New All-Diva DVD in the Works?

F4WOnline.com (by way of PWPix.net) is reporting that the WWE is set to release the first all-Diva DVD since 2006’s “Divas Do New York”. Apparently, it will be formatted like the DVDs of the past, with on-location photoshoot segments dominating the feature, accompanied by a compilation of matches.

If this report is true, I’m glad to see the WWE giving the Divas the DVD treatment again. It was a fun tradition they had going for a while, and I was disappointed to see them discontinue it in favor of WWE.com-based location photoshoots. It would be great to see some of the newer, post-“DDNY” Divas like Maryse and Katie Lea have some fun and possibly break character in the process.

I just hope the theme is decent and the title doesn’t sound like something you’d find behind a curtain at your local video store. “Divas Do New York” was a little too “Debbie Does Dallas” for my taste.

Do you have a favorite of the WWE’s multi-Diva DVDs? Sound off in the comments.

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