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New Diva Coming to SmackDown

Rumours began circulating a couple of weeks ago that a new Diva was being brought up to SmackDown after a ‘coming soon’ vignette aired at a taping. The vignette was not shown on television however and I was skeptical about whether it was true or not.

According to the Wrestling Observer, there is indeed a new Diva coming to the SmackDown brand — and all signs point to AJ Lee.

While this could change, the reason Smackdown hasn’t aired the vignettes introducing the new woman that were taped is a decision was made for only one at a time, and right now the vignettes are introducing Del Rio. Once he’s on TV, then they will start building up her. I believe the woman is April Jeannette, or A.J. Lee as the name she’s now using. She’s really small, like less than 100 pounds. She’s 23 and has been in the program for 14 months and did indies in the Northeast before that. (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

As we revealed last month, AJ recently travelled on the road with the Raw brand — perhaps a sign of her pending call up.

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