Monday, February 26, 2024

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New Knockout Champion Speaks

New Knockout Champion, Angelina Love took to her MySpace, speaking for the first time on her title win at Lockdown this past Sunday.

First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who wrote me to see if I was okay and to congratulate me on winning the TNA Knockouts Championship last night at Lockdown.
In an update, I did receive a concussion from Taylor Wilde‘s top rope crossbody. Guess thats her payback for us cutting her hair! I caught her hip bone in my jaw and it knocked me clean out. Unfortunately, I dont even remember winning! When I watch it back, I’ll be able to try and put the pieces of my scrambled brains back together! and my jaw!
It was a hell of a match and being inside a cage with those two was like nothing I can explain. Two former TNA Knockout Champions took it to me but somehow I made it out alive (thanks to referee Rudy Charles for practically carrying me to the back afterwards!). Now its time to take this wonderful title to a whole new level…………….A BEAUTIFUL level!
Angelina Love as TNA Knockout Champion will NEVER disappoint!!

The new Knockout Champ will be seen on Impact this week, holding an in-ring celebration with the Beautiful People.

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