Friday, September 29, 2023

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Nia Jax has her eyes on the RAW Women’s Title as she pins Charlotte Flair on RAW

Despite last week teasing Alexa Bliss as Charlotte Flair’s next competitor, it appears that Nia Jax will be the next woman to go up against The Queen.

On tonight’s RAW, Nia Jax took on Flair in a non-title bout. In a very stiff match, it ends with Jax getting a pin on the RAW Women’s Champion. Flair wrenched the leg of Jax in an attempt to keep her down and apply the Figure Four. Jax countered and threw Flair into the ring post. She capitalized and delivered a one-arm powerbomb to The Queen to get the victory.

On RAW Talk, Jax says she will be the future RAW Women’s Champion. Earlier in the night, Shayna Baszler and Jax had another falling out after Baszler’s match. Jax says she isn’t sure where her relationship with Baszler stands at the moment.

As mentioned, Baszler had a match earlier in the night which was against Rhea Ripley. Ripley had Nikki A.S.H. in her corner. Before the match started, Jax stated she was going to lay out both Ripley and Nikki by the end of Shayna’s match to send a message to Charlotte Flair.

Ripley picked up the victory on Baszler who keeps being dealt loses. Despite Baszler being ruthless throughout the match, it just took Jax to level out Nikki on the outside to distract Ripley. Baszler tried to capitalize but her pin attempt was reversed and Ripley got the pin. Jax took out Ripley post match.

Lastly, the advertised match between Doudrop and Eva Marie, well…it never got started. Once both women were in the ring, Doudrop took no time to go after Eva from behind before the bell even rang. Doudrop counted to three herself for a victory, even though the bell never rang. The referee checked to see if Eva could compete, which was of course an answer of no. Doudrop would then grab a mic and declare herself the winner, mocking what Eva has done since their pairing first started.

Eva took to Twitter after the match to say that Doudrop should be fined and sanctioned for sullying the rules that WWE holds sacred for sportsmanlike conduct. She also says that if Doudrop didn’t cheap shot her then she would have been able to show off her shooting star press.

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