Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Ruby Soho makes it to New York City in her newest vignette

Ruby Soho just dropped her third vignette and has seemingly reached her destination – New York City. But is this her last stop?

‘The Runaway’ has been airing video promos for the past few weeks hinting at her return to the ring. Ruby was released from WWE in June and her non-compete clause is just about up.

In the prior vignettes that she has posted on her social media, it showed Soho first missing a train and then stealing a vehicle in order to make it to her destination. Now she has reached New York City and seems to be saying goodbye to her old self.

With the song ‘Ruby Soho’ playing, Ruby walks the streets of New York City and spraypaints a heart and “less” on a building. As police sirens sound, Ruby continues on and is then seen walking past a man spray painting another building that says “The Riot is over” as she gives a smirk.

After rocking out in the street, she goes to get in a bar and provides the bouncer with her I.D. The first one on it has her indie name of Heidi Lovelace. She says that is the old one and then gives him the right one that says Ruby Soho.

The vignette ends with her back out in the street and the words ‘The Runaway’ appears before her name ‘Ruby Soho’ is shown on the screen.

After her name goes off the screen flashes very quickly: “Destination: _ _ _ _ _ _ _”, which by the song lyrics would be “unknown” or could it be “Chicago?”

There have been prior rumors and speculation that Ruby will be heading to AEW. There has been no confirmation of this, but with the Casino Battle Royale taking place this Sunday at All Out in Chicago, it is leading many to think she may make an appearance.

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