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Ruby Soho drops second video promo for ‘The Runaway’

Ruby Soho continues to show that she truly is “The Runaway” in her latest video promo.

Soho is leading us to something big as she is heading towards her next steps in her wrestling career. She was released by WWE in early June and even though reports have her heading to AEW, we don’t know for sure where she will turn up. But she is certainly making the fans want to see where she is heading.

In early August after updating her name to Soho from Riott on social media, Soho shared her new look. And as of last week, she started to air vignettes. First, we saw her miss a train as she was going from Florida to New York. The words ‘The Runaway’ appeared on the screen followed by ‘to be continued…’

Now, in the new vignette, that was dropped today, Soho finds herself at a convenience store getting ready to find her next ride to her new destination. She waits for the car owner to head into the store before getting in and stealing his car. She then races away.

As Ruby goes to check what else is on the radio, The Riott Squad theme music plays which freaks her out as she avoids a potential car accident. The vignette ends with Ruby clearly shaken up by hearing her former entrance music with ‘The Runaway’ and ‘to be continued…’ shown on the screen.

What do you make of the new Ruby Soho vignette? Check back in with Diva Dirt as share any further news on The Runaway.

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