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Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox announced for Clash of Champions Kick Off

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On top of the triple threat Raw Women’s title match for Sunday’s Clash of Champions, has announced the addition match-up between Nia Jax and Alicia Fox. briefly highlights the growing feud between these two Superstars in an article, that dates back from two weeks ago when Alicia confronted Nia during a backstage altercation up until last week, when Nia would fully display her dominance by spearing Alicia through a barricade.

Nia Jax has grown accustomed to demolishing the competition, but that could change this Sunday as she battles one of WWE’s most veteran and least predictable Superstars, Alicia Fox, on the WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff.

Granted, the first and only match between the two, on the Sept. 12 edition of Raw, ended abruptly when Nia bulldozed Alicia through — not onto, not over, but through — the ringside barricade. Yet, the former Divas Champion got her licks in before that crash, and the emphatic ending no doubt adds to Foxy’s animosity toward the juggernaut of Raw’s Women’s division. The rivalry has been personal from the start. On the Sept. 5 Raw, Nia overpowered Ann Esposito, a longtime friend of Alicia’s, and following that massacre, Fox confronted the juggernaut backstage. Exhibiting the type of erratic behavior that the WWE Universe has come to expect from her, Alicia went ballistic and showed no signs of intimidation, despite Jax’s well-documented path of destruction.

Nia has rag-dolled Alicia once before, but is it possible Fox came away from that beating with a better understanding of how to counter the imposing power of her Kickoff opponent? Or will Nia make Alicia fall like the rest and level her with the delicacy of a wrecking ball?

Clash of Champions Kickoff airs live on the WWE Network starting at 7pm ET.

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