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Nikki Bella Named WWE’s Second Most Unexpected Breakout Star of 2014

Nikki Bella has been named the WWE’s seconded most “unexpected breakout star” of the year.

The list, compiled by, places Nikki behind only Dolph Ziggler.

On her unexpected rise to the top, wrote:

Nikki Bella always had the talent to be WWE’s top Diva, but no one could have predicted the way in which she would become the Divas division’s newest leading lady. After spending the majority of her career competing alongside her twin sister Brie, Nikki turned on her sibling at SummerSlam, embarking on an unexpectedly wicked singles venture.

The shocking betrayal of her own flesh and blood may not have been a popular move, but it sparked a change in attitude that eventually led the fearless Diva to the pinnacle of a division previously dominated by AJ Lee. Although Nikki already was one of WWE’s most popular personalities outside the ring thanks to her inclusion in the hit series “Total Divas,” her improvement inside the squared circle in 2014 elevated her to new heights. Now, she not only has the butterfly-emblazoned title around her waist, but also her sister Brie by her side once again.

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