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Nikki Cross Debuts With Uncle Howdy Group To Close Out Raw

Whether they will officially be known as the Wyatt 6 is undetermined at this time, but they are finally here (It seems by the new merchandise that is already dropped they will be known as Wyatt Sicks/Wyatt Sick6).

All of the QR codes, glitches, and background hints have led up to the return of Uncle Howdy (Bo Dallas) and four other members. We have Nikki Cross joining the group as Abby the Witch, Dexter Lumis as Mercy the Buzzard, Erick Rowan as Ramblin Rabbit, and called up from NXT, Joe Gacy as Huskus the Pig.

The last five minutes or so of Raw showed the glowing door on stage that we had seen before for Bray Wyatt. The door busted open and the first member we got to see was Cross crawling out to the Wyatt lantern. From there she motioned to the back as the camera took us through the control room and backstage where there was nothing but destruction. Blood splattered, fog and smoke, and eventually a brutally beaten Chad Gable.

Throughout the trip through the back we saw Ramblin Rabbit, Huskus the Pig, Mercy the Buzzard, and finally Uncle Howdy himself. Howdy made his way to the stage as the other members joined him. They joined Cross (Abby the Witch) as Howdy picked up the lantern and exclaimed “we’re here” before blowing it out to end Raw.

Many are speculating who the sixth person is in the group if they are the Wyatt 6. Although it isn’t fully clear yet, the sixth member most likely was Wyatt himself and this will be an homage to him. Some are thinking that Alexa Bliss may come back and join the group as well. Bliss was close to Wyatt both on and off screen.

Wyatt passed away last August at the age of 36.

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