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Nikki Cross is victorious in her return match on RAW against Rhea Ripley

Nikki Cross was in action this week on RAW for the first time since February.

This match came about when Ripley and Charlotte Flair met backstage earlier in the day. Ripley wished Flair luck in her match against Asuka later on while Flair stated that Ripley is just jealous of her and she is the most decorated and feared woman in WWE history. Flair says that it will be her face that Ripley will see inside Hell in a Cell.

Enter Nikki.

Cross says that she can beat the both of them. She asks one of them to go up against her tonight. Flair says if she wasn’t in a match against Asuka then she would beat Cross in two minutes. The Queen then tells Ripley to beat Cross in two minutes instead and Ripley accepts.

In a beat the clock match with the time set at two minutes, Ripley seemed to forget that there was a time limit to beat Cross. The RAW Women’s Champion had Cross in the corner and wasn’t paying attention to the time. The buzzer then went off for the time and Cross was declared the winner.

Other than this bout, RAW was nothing but rematch, rematch, rematch.

Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Tamina & Natalya (c) defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler to retain

Despite Asuka defeating Flair last week, she was unable to make it two weeks in a row. Flair was later granted a championship match against Ripley at Hell in a Cell. At this time the match has not been promoted to be inside the cell.

The tag team title match took place in the main event. After Jax took out Tamina over the barricade, much like last week Reginald attempted to interfere but instead it cause the referee to get distracted. Although Baszler had Nattie pinned, the referee didn’t see it in time to get a three count. Baszler then argued with Reginald and told him to leave.

Reginald was heading up the ramp when the pyro hit, “blinding” him once again. Nattie then executed an inside cradle to get the pin and secure the win. As RAW was ending Baszler confronted Reginald telling him she wants to face him one-on-one next week.

Another vignette for Eva Marie aired that can be viewed below. This time it focused on her fitness. In this she says she has learned to become her own cheerleader and wants to be an advocate for others. It still lists her as “coming soon” without an official date of her return at this time.

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