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Nikki Cross wins another beat the clock challenge – this time defeats Charlotte Flair


RAW kicked off this week with a Miz TV in which RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley along with Charlotte Flair were the guests. These two women have a match for the championship at the next pay-per-view at Hell in a Cell. One woman had something to say about the championship, thus interrupting Miz TV to say her peace. That woman is Nikki Cross.

Cross defeated RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley last week by avoiding a pin or submission during a two-minute beat the clock challenge. Because she avoided defeat in that match against the champion, she believe she deserves a title opportunity. Cross then asked Flair if she defeats her in two-minutes as well – will that make her a contender to face whoever is champion after Hell in a Cell?

This then created another beat the clock challenge, this time against Flair with the same time limit of two-minutes. Flair declared she could get the job done in one minute. Regardless, Cross spent half the time avoiding Flair on the outside of the ring. As a result, Flair was not able to put away Cross in the two-minute time frame. Cross wins for the second week in a row.

Other matches on tonight’s RAW resulted in:

Reginald defeated Shayna Baszler

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defeated Naomi and Lana

Baszler had the Kirifuda Clutch locked in and was moments away from having Reginald tap. As she backed herself towards the corner of the ring, the fire/pyro went off at the turnbuckle which distracted her. Reginald then rolled thru on Baszler to pin her for the win. Nia Jax celebrated with Reginald backstage.

Reginald was then invited to Alexa’s Playground for later on in the night.

The last women’s match involved two teams who would like an opportunity at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. With the champions on commentary, Tamina & Natalya looked on as Naomi & Lana faced Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke. Natalya spoke a lot about Lana and how she helped train her. The match came down Brooke winning it for her team as she pins Lana.

Lastly on Alexa’s Playground, Alexa Bliss and Lilly were excited to speak with Reginald. Lilly asked Reginald how it was working with Cirque du Soleil but he wasn’t able to answer due to Baszler attacking him from behind. After taking him out, Bliss let Baszler know she wasn’t invited because Lilly doesn’t like her. Baszler says that next week they need to have a little chat and then let Lilly know that she is just a stupid doll.

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