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Nina Samuels Recalls A Previously Planned Feud With Piper Niven

Former NXT UK talent Nina Samuels recently sat down with IMPACT’s Taylor Wilde to discuss her time with WWE. She spoke about her “Nina Samuels Show” that became a weekly occurrence on NXT UK programming. In addition, she revealed there had been a plan for her to be in a feud with Piper Niven but it never ended up taking place.

“I pitched the idea that I would go crazy and have a breakdown and edge to the character, which ended up by accident because I had the story with Xia (Brookside) where I ended up having to be a personal assistant and then I was off TV for three months. Not really intentionally, I was meant to go into a feud with Pipen Niven (Doudrop), but she was called up real quick. I was blocked out for the taping to have a whole storyline with her. Everyone else was occupied. So I was off that taping and another one. I was like, ‘Can we put something to this?’ The last thing that happened was me cleaning a toilet for Xia and then disappearing for ages. We could make something of that. The Nina Samuels Show was initially going to be a tool and that getting canceled made me go down the crazy path, but they liked it so much it never stopped,” she recalled. 

Samuels never shared the ring with Niven on NXT UK programming. Since the hiatus of NXT UK and Samules being released as a result, she has returned to have a few matches on the indie scene with the PROGRESS promotion.

When asked if “The Nina Samuels Show” would return with her where she wrestles, she stated – “I keep thinking I’ll bring it back, but I’m not sure yet. I need to find the right inspiration. I want to do it properly. Unless hair, makeup, and outfit is full, there are no half-measures. I’m doing it properly or not at all. I just need to think about what the show looks like post-NXT UK and come up with some ideas.”

For the full interview on Wilde On you can view it below.

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