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Dana Brooke Wants The 24/7 Title To Transition Into A Women’s Intercontinental Belt

There’s been a lot of talk later on creating another women’s championship for the main roster of WWE. Former champions themselves, Bayley and Raquel Rodriguez have discussed the idea of bringing in a secondary women’s championship. Now, Dana Brooke who currently is the 24/7 Champion has given her opinion on the topic.

While speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Boston Sports on Ten Count, Brooke stated that she has been wanting the 24/7 Championship, which she has held for a combined 328 days and counting, to transition into an Intercontinental Championship. She is the current champion in her 15th reign.

“I’ve been wanting to transition the 24/7 Title into an IC title. I think it would be amazing. We’re building a roster, we have amazing women on the roster. With everyone coming back, why not? We have the tag team titles, but not everyone is teamed up. You have the storylines that are going for the women’s titles, but the rest are just little stories in the mix. Why not go for an IC Title? This way, it’s not secondary, it’s just another thing to pour your heart and soul in and have that title and be given that opportunity and enhance the women’s division,” she said. (Fightful)

Since the new regime took over creative of WWE, the 24/7 Championship has been regulated to live events and Main Event. It has not been appearing on Raw or SmackDown.

For the full interview you can watch it below –

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