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No Backlash for Divas

Sticking the second WWE pay per view of the month, Backlash, three weeks after WrestleMania, two weeks after the Draft and the week of a money-spinning European tour essentially makes this Sunday’s pay per view a throwaway show. It doesn’t look as though WWE will be announcing any Divas matches for the event, which makes this pay per view less watch-worthy than it already is, however for once I’m glad the Divas have been left off of a pay per view.

Coming off the heels of the Draft, a lot of the matches for the event are being thrown together at the last minute, which doesn’t exactly entice anyone to waste money on purchasing an expensive PPV. And rather than throw together a random Divas match for the sake of it, I’m glad they’ve kept them off the event – although I doubt they did this in the best interest of the Divas.

The snub will allow the new rosters to take shape the night after Backlash and allow the two brands to set up new feuds and storylines, going forward into the next pay per view.

If they do opt to go for a last minute Divas match at Backlash, might I suggest an ‘exhibition’ match for the new rosters? A match that wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of Raw, bearing in mind Backlash is pretty much a ‘throwaway’ event. Maybe Mickie, Kelly and the Bella Twins against Beth, Maryse, Jillian and Rosa?

Or perhaps not. We’ve got better things to watch like, y’know, Santina kissing the Great Khali. Just a thought.

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