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“No Divas Here..” Oh Wait, Nevermind..

Now, we all know that TNA is notorious for riding on the WWE’s coattails, but this one’s a bit of a head-scratcher. TNA Knockout SoCal Val thinks TNA should take over the WWE’s Playboy reigns, allowing the Knockouts to pose for the magazine just as the Divas did. She said to the UK Sun:

“It would be a really good thing for TNA.

“I know the fans love our photoshoots and what could be better than to do one for Playboy?

“And, hey, if we’re going to get naked then this is the classiest way.

“It would also be great to show the WWE up – and have better pictures than their girls did.

“I say go for it!”

Now, Playboy may be classier than Hustler or Penthouse (which is like saying spoiled milk tastes better than sewer water), but there are “classier” ways to pose nude. Besides, after all the Diva-bashing they’ve done (bra & panties matches are the devil!), it’s incredibly hypocritical to want to take over their spot in the nudie mag. It just goes to show you that even though they claim to be the antithesis of Divas, it’s pretty much bullshit – nothing more than a marketing slogan. Oh, and if ANY Knockout can outdo the likes of Sable and Torrie’s Playboy shoots, I’ll eat my hat.

Then again, this is just one Knockout saying this, but it does make me wonder in TNA’s thinking the same thing. I mean, what’s the harm in compromising the “higher ground” you’ve used to promote your women’s division? Money is money.. What do you think? Would this be a smart move by TNA?

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