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Not So Breaking News: The Divas Get Some Shine On “Superstars”


I’m sure this is common knowledge by now, but for those who have been living under a rock I’ll fill you in. Shortly after WrestleMania (April 16th), WWE will be introducing a brand new show to its programming. “WWE Superstars” will be a hour long, tri-branded show shown on WGN America. (Which I don’t get. Grrr.)

It was originally thought that the show would feature lesser utilized Superstars and Divas a la Sunday Night Heat, but recent reports say otherwise. According to WWE, “Superstars” will feature prominent Superstars and Divas as well as lesser used ones. The new show will also have its own storylines.

I think this is a great idea personally. This show could lead to Diva feuds that we always wished for finally happening. Beth vs Maryse, Mickie vs Michelle, Alicia vs Kelly…. Oh, the possibilities! Too bad WWE decided to show it on a low rated channel that NOBODY GETS! I hope WWE plans to air it online as well.

So what Divas would you like to see face off? Leave your ideas in the comments. To see if you get WGN America in your area(probably not), click here.

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