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Notes on SmackDown vs Raw 2011: Tiffany, Mickie James, Lay-Cool

As revealed last night, the SmackDown vs Raw 2011 video game will feature 13 of the WWE Divas. However, one of those Divas — Women’s Champion, Layla — will only be made available in a downloadable content pack during the holiday season.

According to one of the game’s developers, Marcus Stephenson, this is due to THQ having to update her character model which meant that they couldn’t put her in the final release.

Meanwhile, Tiffany, who was announced for the game via the official SmackDown vs Raw forum, will not be a playable character it has been revealed.

Diva Dirt reader, Josh, sent in some more notes which you can check out after the cut:

Josh asked Stephenson several questions about the Divas in the game. Notes below:

* On whether Mickie James made the game, Stephenson responds: “No comment ;)” before saying, “Just sit back, relax and trust me.” Not a denial, so it’s possible that James did make the final cut.

* Maria will not be in the game.

* On why there’s no Lay-Cool, Stephenson said: “We would have had to mo-cap it, and at that time we were doing McCool’s scheduled mo-cap, they weren’t together.”

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