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Number One Contender determined for the ROH Women’s Title at Final Battle

*This article could be seen as a spoiler. ROH TV airs at different times/days depending on the region. If you do not want to read what took place then make better decisions*

The ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C now knows who she will be facing at Final Battle on Dec. 11.

In a match on this week’s ROH TV, with Rok-C on commentary, Willow defeated Mandy Leon to earn her championship opportunity. Willow previously defeated Angelina Love and Miranda Alize while Leon bested Trish Adora and Allysin Kay to make it to this number one contenders bout.

Match Time: 11:30

In a match that Mandy Leon did everything in her power to cut corners and cheat to win, including Angelina Love’s distraction at ringside, Leon became desperate for the win. Towards the end of the match, she instructed Love to grab a chair. Despite the referee’s concern, Love promptly got the chair but the transfer of it to Leon never happened.

Quinn McKay was the first to rush down to the ringside area as she played tug of war with the chair trying to remove it from the grasp of Love. The locker room then emptied as Chelsea Green came down to help McKay. The heels vs. the babyfaces started to fight as Miranda Alize and Vita VonStarr came rushing down to support Angelina. The mix added Trish Adora for the babyfaces and Holidead for the heels before Max the Impaler made their presence known.

Love is standing in between the other women at ringside with the chair in hand before Max pulls it away and tosses it to the side. They scoop up Love and toss her into the heel women which knocks down Alize, VonStarr, and Holidead. The other women look on with laughter.

Back in the ring, a match is still going on and Leon is completely distracted by what is going on with Max and the others. Willow takes advantage of this and hits a superkick before planting Leon with a big bomb to get the pin and the win.

Post-match, Max heads up the ramp as Adora, McKay, and Green celebrate with Willow in the ring. Willow then extends the hand to Leon in a code of honor moment and shockingly Leon accepts it and the two embrace to end the segment.

Willow will face Rok-C for the ROH Women’s Title at Final Battle. By the end of the year, ROH will be going on hiatus for the first quarter of 2022 and its entire roster will be released from their contracts in the meantime. Rok-C is advertised to make a debut with MLW in January.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your future news on the women of ROH.

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