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NXT: 10/10/18 – An Unclear Future

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s NXT recap. For the last two weeks, Nikki Cross has repeatedly said: “I know.” While never confirmed, it’s believed that what Cross has been referring to is having knowledge of who attacked Aleister Black. On tonight’s episode, Nikki echoed that sentiment once again by confronting Tomasso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, and Kassius Ohno, giving more clues as to who may have been responsible for the assault on Aleister.

In addition to Cross confronting Ciampa, Dream, and Ohno, we also heard from both Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane as each woman gears up for their history-making match at Evolution.

Right in the middle of a confrontation between Ciampa and Dream, Nikki Cross made her way down to the ring. Cross played with Velveteen’s jacket and attempted to touch Ciampa’s NXT Championship belt. After some bouncing around, Nikki yelled that she knew what Dream had done. She then approached Tomasso, knocked the microphone out of his hand, and then lowered herself to the mat to yell into the microphone that she knew what Ciampa had done too. After Velveteen left the ring, Cross kicked the microphone away from Tomasso’s hand before heading back up the ramp while repeatedly saying once again “I know.”

A little bit later on, another training vignette for Shayna Baszler aired. Shayna boasted about her accomplishments from the past year such as competing in the finals of the Mae Young Classic and winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Baszler also mentioned that she had won the NXT Women’s Championship faster than anyone else in history. Shayna then discussed Brooklyn, saying she got comfortable and celebrated prematurely. Baszler then adamantly stated that Kairi didn’t succeed in Brooklyn, but rather that she had failed. Shayna then promised to show Kairi how she deals with her anger at Evolution.

Following the video package that highlighted Baszler’s training regiment, an interview with Kairi Sane from earlier today aired. When asked about competing at Evolution, Kairi expressed her excitement at having the opportunity to perform at the PPV. Sane was then questioned about Shayna’s preparation for their upcoming match. Kairi simply and confidently stated that Baszler knew that Sane would be victorious before walking off.

Prior to the main event, Kassius Ohno confronted NXT GM William Regal outside of his office. Once their conversation was over, Cross once again appeared. Nikki stated that she knew what Kassius had done as well. Cross laughed and walked off as Ohno remained in place with a disturbed look on his face.

Before the show ended, we were also reminded that Nikki will have a rematch with Bianca Belair as apart of next week’s double main event.

Thoughts: I liked the video package that aired tonight that highlighted Shayna Baszler. It wasn’t too different in terms of content from last week. But I think Baszler appeared a lot more natural and confident in this week’s package.

Kairi’s promo was also short and sweet, which has been a recurring theme over the last couple of months. But again these promos don’t necessarily need to be long. Especially if they accomplish the goal of hyping up a future match. These packages and promos are a nice way to build up the upcoming encounter at Evolution. I would like to see maybe one more brawl before the PPV to hype up the match. But for now, I am enjoying these short promos because they accomplish their goal well.

Nikki Cross’s involvement in the Aleister Black storyline has become really intriguing for me. Especially since tonight, she got to interact with some of the top male stars in Tomasso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, and Kassius Ohno. How this will all culminate and end is still up in the air. But I have loved seeing this play out, and look forward to seeing what happens next. Additionally, the fact that Nikki has had two different storylines to partake in over the last couple weeks has been great to see. I truly enjoy all of the little touches that Nikki puts into her character work.

Speaking of looking ahead, I am so pumped for the match between Cross and Belair next week. Like I said last week, I wish the second match between these two would have had a stipulation. Especially since the last match ended on such a physical note. However, stipulation or not, I have a lot of faith that Nikki and Bianca will put on a really enjoyable match.

Who do you think will win at Evolution? Do you enjoy seeing Nikki’s involvement in the Aleister Black storyline? Are you looking forward to next week’s matchup? Let us know in the comments below!

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